Control in [fresh food] Physiology

About us

Founded in 2002 as a start-up company of the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), Germany. First projects were on developing sensor systems for research in agronomy (measuring health promoting compounds in fresh fruit and vegetables). Meanwhile the company flourished with now longterm experiences as consultants, engineers capturing development and implementation of sensor solutions tailored for customers in food production and processing such as

  • cheese ripening and quality analysis
  • meat “freshscan” analysis
  • and still the analysis of fresh fruit and vegetables


Roles of CP in consultancy up to now have been captured

  • Farm and value chain extension service
  • External project advisory
  • Reviewing of projects

Competences in Engineering

  • Electronic circuits
  • Software design
  • Optical sensor systems
  • Integrated system development
  • Permanent staff captures electrical-engineers with longterm experiences in sensor hardware and software development, also active in certification regulations and routines

Research and Develoment

  • Project-related personnel is frequently recruited from research institutes in the relevant topic
  • Permanent staff captures researcher in food science

Management of projects, in advisory boards, editing service, and mediation

  • Over 10 years experiences in complex project support
  • External advisory in engineering projects
  • Advisory board of experimental stations